The Habitat Practice Group was co-founded in 2018 by Gabriela Petrov, Prof. Myrna Wyatt Selkirk and interdisciplinary artist, Carina Rose. The group works to create a sustainable and supportive practice of moving and being together. Through centering their well-being and their evolving needs as artists, teachers, and people, they are creating a space worth coming back to over, and over again. Using tools from their various fields of expertise including theatre, dance, architecture and somatics, the group is pursuing a long-form investigation of movement, sound and improvisation. Whatever arises in their shared process, they navigate it together by dancing, resting, screaming, eating meals and providing comfort. The studio space creates a frame for their work, and yet their relationship is the heart of the practice.

Photos by Martin Simon Greizis during Artist Residency at

Studio Mariko Tanabe in August, 2022